How to Sleep on your Side Properly and Correctly.

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleeping positions. It is comfortable and also healthy.

So, you must know how to sleep on your side properly and correctly.

How to sleep on your side properly
How to sleep on your side properly?

Sleeping in different positions is ok. All positions have their pro’s and cons. But sleeping on your side is for many health conditions and also for a comfortable sleep. You might face some problem while changing your sleeping position.

This article will help you to sleep on your side. You will have all the information. After reading this you will be confident on, how to sleep on your side properly.

Side sleeping helps your head, neck, and spine maintain a neutral position. This neutral position prevents unnecessary pressure on muscles, nerves, and discs.

Are you used to sleep in different positions?

It’s ok. Everyone has their own sleeping position. Sleep in that position in which you are comfortable.

But you might be suffering from some condition which is interfering with your sleep. In that case, you might be recommended to sleep on your side.

Right or left, you choose, depending on the advice and your comfort.
Let us see why would you want to know how to sleep on your side.

Who will need to learn how to sleep on your side?

Stomach Sleepers need to learn side sleeping

Sleeping on your stomach is not considered as the healthiest option. It can result in aches and pains.

Your body parts won’t be aligned properly. If you are using a pillow your neck will bend too far. Sleeping on stomach daily will unnecessarily strain your neck. This is long run will result in neck ache and shoulder ache.

Stomach sleeping will create unnatural curves on your back. Your hips can sink in deep into the mattress. This position will create back pain.

Sleeping on your back with discomfort. You need to learn how to sleep on your side properly

Sleeping on your back is considered as the healthiest position. Yet it also has some cons. If you snore or if sleep apnoea is interrupting your sleep. You would need to adopt a side sleeping position.

For Health Issues: Learn to Side Sleeping Correctly.

Snoring issues and episodes of Sleep Apnoea will exacerbate with sleeping on the back. To get the relief you can use a propped up position. But that might not be comfortable. So you can choose to sleep on your side.

Acid reflux might be ruining your comfortable sleep in the back position. Also if you are suffering from shoulder pain, neck pain and headache associated with it, you would like to know how to sleep on your side correctly.

How to Seep on your Side Correctly?
How to Seep on your Side Correctly?

How to Sleep on your Side Correctly?

Side sleeping is one of the most commonly used sleeping positions. There can be many variations to side sleeping like the fetal position and the log position.

But I will suggest, not to sleep in the fetal position because it is the 2nd worst position to sleep in after stomach sleeping.

So if you are learning something new you want to learn the right stuff and in the right way.

So let’s quickly see few tips to help you sleep on your side.

1. Choose the Right Pillow.

Choosing a pillow is very important. Pillow might not be that expensive as a mattress. But it has equal potential to decide your sleep will be comfortable or uncomfortable.
When you are learning, how to sleep on your side. The very first step should be to choose the right pillow.
While sleeping on the side you will have to choose a thicker and medium-firm pillow.

Choose best Pillows
Best Pillows for Side Sleeping.

Thickness(loft) will depend from person to person. If your shoulder height is more then you will need a thicker pillow.
Firmness is required to support your head.

Your pillow should support the natural curve of your neck. Your head should be properly and comfortably rested on the pillow. It should not be propped up or curved down.

The pillow will decide your entire spine alignment. A good practice is to check your ear, shoulder and hip should be aligned.

Tips: If you want to start today itself and don’t have a pillow in which you will be comfortable. Then don’t worry. You can try.

• Sleeping on hands above or below your pillow.
• Folding bedsheets to fill the gap between your mattress and head. Supporting your shoulder and neck.
• Using a comforter to support.


You can place your hand above the existing pillow. If only your pillow is thin. Sleep on your hand. If it feels too hard then put it under your pillow.
If this becomes uncomfortable, try it with, bed sheets, towels or best comforters. I followed my own advice. I must suggest that using a comforter was even better than some of the pillows I used earlier.
The bedsheets were not that comfortable. They will give you the thickness but not the softness.
Sleeping on hand was ok. But on a daily basis, I doubt it!!

2. Choose the 2nd Pillow.

Often side sleepers need a second pillow. This pillow is kept between the knees. In the side sleeping position, your upper leg won’t be supported properly. This disturbs the alignment of the spine. It will put unnecessary strain on your hip and lower back.
To ease the stress on you can use
• A thin pillow, between your legs.
• A bolster, on which you can rest your upper feet.
• Buy a body pillow. This will support your entire body. It will be heavy tough.
This 2nd pillow will help you have a comfortable sleep.

3. Choose the perfect Mattress.

Your mattress will help you is side sleeping. You would need a mattress that helps support your waist and neck.
When you sleep on the side these regions will make a natural curve. The muscles and ligaments will relax and heal. Your hips and the shoulder will bear most of the pressure.

 Mattress for Side Sleeping.
Best Mattress for Side Sleeping.

So, choose a proper mattress that supports your body properly.
A good mattress will help you to better support your spine and body while sleeping on the side.
If in case you are not able to replace your old mattress, then don’t worry we have certain DIY tips that will help.

Use a bed sheet or a towel. Roll it to fill the areas between the curved areas like the neck and waist.
If you have a hard mattress and don’t want to replace it. Then you can buy a mattress topper. Or, you can sleep over your comforter. Comforters are generally soft. Your shoulder and hip will be supported gently.

4. Pillow to support.

While sleeping on your side try to keep extra pillows on your bed. This will come in handy. If you are changing position from back to your sides, then try putting a pillow on your back.
But Why? So that when you try to return to the back position it will prevent you, from rolling over. But there are high chances that it will slip.
You can give it a try, it is the easiest and the simplest tip. But stuff more than one pillow or a heavy pillow.
If you were a stomach sleeper, then try putting pillows on your back and front. This will prevent you to go back to your stomach sleeping position.

5. The tennis ball.

• Try placing three to four tennis balls in a pocket sewn on the back of a pajama top.
• Try sewing or pinning one tennis ball to the back of your nightdress or sleep garment.
You got the reason, why we are sewing the tennis ball on the backside. This will make it uncomfortable for you to come to your sleeping in the back position.

The tennis ball will ruin your comfort. Thus helping you to return to your side sleeping position. This will help you with your sleep apnea or snoring issues. I must say that this can cause some pain, once you wake up.
Choose a soft tennis ball.

6. Sleeping with a filled backpack.

This is another disruptive idea. But this can be like sleeping with piggybacking someone. Try this out, by putting less filling. This way it won’t be that heavier. Though I am a back and side sleeper, Still I tried this method to sleep on one side throughout the night.
I must say I did not like the feeling. Needless to say, I attracted a lot of unwanted attention.

7. Practice sleeping on a narrow sofa.

A narrow sofa will help you remain in one position. You won’t have any space for turning and rolling. You can give it a try. This idea is saner. It’s normal to sleep on sofas.

If you have tried other innovative DIY ideas, then do share with us. But in case you are tired of using them then time for taking some help of some products.

Let us take a look at some physical products which can help you sleep on your side and help you to remain in that position.

8. Rematee Ant-snore Bumper belt.

This product has 2-3 inflatable bumpers. These bumpers are attached to the back of a belt, extending outwards. The kit will come with pre-attached shoulder straps and inflated bumpers. It is customizable.

You will have a 30-day money-back guarantee. It might be a bit uncomfortable.
And yes, don’t get confused with the product name. Its Anti-snore, but it will help you stay on one side while you sleep.

9. Slumber Bump Positional Sleep belt.

It is an ultra-lightweight, breathable sleep belt. It trains individuals to sleep on their side so that breathing can return to normal. Instead of 2-3 pockets, it has an inflatable air pocket. The sleep belt is easily worn around the chest.
This has the same concept. It will prevent you from rolling over at night.
A bit less expensive option, with happy customers.

10. Stop-Snoring T-shirts.

If you are not comfortable in stitching a tennis ball behind your night dress. Then this product will be good. Stop Snoring T-shirts have a ready-made, Tennis ball attached T-shirt.

11. Track your progress.

When you are sleeping, it will be hard to know. But look out for your symptoms. Are you feeling better after you wake up? Ask your partner. And yes what position you woke up, side, back or stomach.

12. Be persistent.

It’s difficult to change a habit, but it is not impossible. Keep on trying and one day you will wake up on your side.

Which Side Sleeping Position to Choose? (Right or Left).

If you are perfectly healthy and young, then I suggest go with the flow. Once you are comfortable with side sleeping, you will often find out that you change your position from right to left or vice versa. We are humans, so its ok.
But in case you changed your sleeping position for a health issue then read our article on “Best and Worst Sleeping Positions.” You will know which side you want to choose.


It is hard to stay in one position throughout the night. I understand. But sometimes “you got to do what you got to do.” My tips are easy and simple. I am sure, applying them you will sleep on your side properly. If you have used any other tips then share them with us. I wish you have a comfortable sleep on your side and the reason to sleep on your side fulfilled.