How to Stop Snoring:18 Snoring remedies that really work.

Snoring is a sleep spoiler for you and also for your partner. For a healthy life quality sleep is mandatory. If you are snoring or if your partner is snoring, then it is quite obvious that this question ” How to stop snoring” has crossed your mind.

Sleeping tips for snoring remedy
Sleeping tips for snoring remedy

Read this article till the end. In this, you will find your answer. You will also have 18 snoring remedies that work. Use them and have a comfortable sleep and a healthy life.

What is Snoring?

When we sleep we breathe. The air flows past the relaxed tissues in your throat, this causes the tissues to vibrate as you breathe. The sound can be milder or harsher depending on the condition of your tissues. This sound is snoring.

Almost every one of us snore. The harsher and louder snore will disturb the sleep of the partner and also the snorer.

Mechanism of Snoring

The mechanism of snoring is associated with your mouth and throat anatomy.
The pharynx is a part of your throat. It is behind the mouth and nose and in front of the food pipe (esophagus) and windpipe (larynx).

The muscles of pharynx relax during sleep. This relaxation can create a partial obstruction of the airway. Breathing against this obstruction causes vibrations. Vibrations of the tissues of Soft palate, tonsils, and base of tongue causes sound.

What will you feel?

Loud snoring is socially disruptive. If you snore you will disturb the sleep of your partner sleeping with you. Your partner might tell you. Snoring will also disturb your sleep. So, you can also experience the symptoms.

  • · Excessive daytime sleepiness.
  • · Morning headaches.
  • · Memory loss.
  • · Depression and irritability.
  • These are the common symptoms faced by those who snore.

Snoring can be associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Not every snorer has OSA. But if you snore it’s better to take precaution. Snoring if not tackled either by treatment or positional therapy, will lead to OSA and other complications.

How to stop snoring.

It’s important to take snoring seriously. If you snore, then there are many DIY, easy to do, adjustments that you need to implement. If your partner snore, you can actively help them.

1. Accept the problem.

First of all, you have to know that you have a problem. Once you understand or realize that, there is a problem. Then it is time to find a solution.

Once you accept the problem, your body and mind will give the extra boost that will help you to get relief from snoring.
In my experience, people don’t want to accept that snore.

I am not talking about you.

You are motivated. You probably already realize that it is important to know: how to stop snoring?
But in case your sleeping partner snore’s, then talk to them. Do it with care and in solitude. Have some patience with them. It’s hard to believe that you don’t see or experience.

Acceptance is necessary. Without it ” how to stop snoring” or “snoring remedy that works” won’t matter.
Now, let us look at our options.

2. Sleeping Positions as snoring remedies that work.

Sleeping position affects your sleep quality and also your health. We generally sleep in three basic position

  • Sleeping on back.
  • Side sleeping
  • Sleeping on the stomach.

We choose one of them or a combination of them. All these positions affect our body differently. Some of this positions can be used as snoring remedies that work.

Doctors have used better sleeping position to control and treat snoring. The medical terminology for a better sleeping position is Positional Therapy.
Positional therapy is a method to prevent the airways to collapse. Medical research and doctors have used this to treat Snoring and Sleep apnoea.

Body position plays an important role during sleep. It can often make the difference between a quality, healthy sleep and an unhealthy one.

Sleeping on your back.

Sleeping on your back will provide good support to your spine by keeping it in a neutral position. But it sleeping on your back is not your answer, when your question is “How to stop snoring ?”. It is not a snoring remedy that works.

Sleeping on the back.
Sleeping on the back. (photo Pixels)

But, why?
Studies reveal that individuals back sleepers are more likely to snore or have increased apnoeas than the side sleepers.

The idea is simple.

Effects of gravity on the upper airway have a huge role to play.

When sleeping on back, the tongue and soft palate to fall back into the throat. This happens due to gravitational force. This will create a narrowing of the airway.

Narrowing will increase the chance of airway obstruction. This will lead to many breathing abnormalities

Sleeping on stomach

Stomach sleeping position.
Stomach sleeping position. (Photo Pexels)

Sleeping on stomach is generally considered as an unhealthy practice. While you are in this position your neck will be twisted, this can result in neck pain and shoulder pain with an occasional headache. Also, your spine won’t be in a neutral position, so this can lead to a backache.

Tough Sleeping on your stomach can decrease the frequency of your snoring. But many stomach sleepers do complain of snoring and sleep apnoeas.

Well, I will say Sleeping on the stomach can be one of the snoring remedies that work, but it will have its side effects. So I suggest not to use this position.

Sleeping on your side.

Side sleeping is the most common position used for sleeping. It is also considered healthy. It will support your spine, it will help you in relieving neck pain and also help you with digestion.

But is side sleeping the answer to “How to stop snoring ?”
Let us see what medical research suggest.

Sleeping on right side
Sleeping on your side (photo Pexels)

Sleeping on a side the airway tends to be more in a stable position and is less likely to collapse the airways.

A study compared sleep apnoea and body positions. They concluded that in obese sleep apnea patients, apnoea’s and hypopneas occur more frequently on the back only during NREM, not during REM.

Another study on sleep position on OSA patients was done. That study demonstrated that more than half of their OSA patients had twice as many apnoeas in the supine position than in the lateral position.

Another interesting study found out that, side sleeping reduces the episodes of sleep apnoea and snoring. Though the results will not be so good with increasing BMI.

A study conducted in 2013 also suggest the same theory. An average of 56 % of their patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has position-dependent OSA. Snoring is closely associated with OSA, so this fact also becomes relevant.

From above research papers, a strong relationship between snoring and sleep position is visible. There is enough clinical evidence.
So if you are suffering from snoring or experiencing episodes of sleep apnoea, you can always try Sleeping on your side.

But which side to choose, I am sure you have this question now. So let’s see one more conclusion from another research paper.

Which Side to choose? Right or Left:

A recent interesting study found out that it does not matter much, on which side you prefer. That means if you prefer sleeping on the right side (right lateral decubitus) than on left side (Left lateral decubitus) you might have the same result.
Their conclusion was due to the findings which suggested that the percentage of REM sleep is unaffected by sleep position in OSA patients.

Sleeping on your left side will increase your sympathetic nervous system. This will affect your heart adversely if you have any pre-existing heart issues.
So, left or right side you choose according to your comfort level and health issues. If you are young and healthy then you can go for either left or right. But in case you are experiencing symptoms of hypertension or in a prehypertensive state. Then you should choose the “right side”.

You should also consult your Cardiologist.

How to sleep on your side?

  1.  Changing your sleeping position can be problematic. But if you want to take care your snoring condition it becomes a necessity. It is like a habit which you want to change. So you have to be consistent with your efforts.
  2. Choose the right pillow. This is the first step if you want to start sleeping on your side. A correct pillow will not only support your neck but also keep your spine and other joints aligned. You should also get a second thin pillow to support your upper leg.
  3. Choose the right mattress. For side sleepers, A mattress that supports your waist and neck will be best for a side sleeper.
    If you want to know some DIY, easy and simple tips for side sleeping.

Read our article on How to sleep on your side. It is a commonly asked question. It has 12 tips that will help you to sleep on your side and also give insight on why you would want to do so.

What if changing  Sleeping Position or Postural Therapy does not work?

Unfortunately, side sleeping does not always work for everyone. There is two type of snorers positional and non-positional. Furthermore, there are multiple other reasons for snoring like obesity, alcohol intake etc.
So, here are some tips to help you out.

10 Tips for Snoring Remedy

The following tips are useful and easy to implement. Remember, Health is wealth. If you are healthy you and your partner will enjoy life better.

1. Avoid Alcohol.

Alcohol relaxes throat muscles. Alcohol even interferes with sleep quality. If you snore it’s better to avoid alcohol before bedtime.

2. Open Nasal Blockage.

Chronic nasal blockage can lead to snoring. It’s important to take care of that situation. There are a number of ways you can do that.

3. Sleep Hygiene.

Maintaining proper sleep hygiene is important to induce sleep. Do you have a sleeping ritual? It’s good and refreshing.
Sleep hygiene will prepare your body and mind. You will easily fall asleep.

Read our article on Sleep Hygiene with 28 easy doable guides which will help you sleep better.

4. Stay hydrated.

Hydration is important. Hydration will give relief to your nasal congestion. It will also help your snoring.
Remember not to overload the fluid quantity. If you drink more water than required, you will frequently end up in the washroom.

5. Allergy-free environment.

An allergy-free environment is important. If you have pets, then try keeping them away. Pets can cause allergy. Also, venture into buying Dust mite free pillow covers and bed covers.
Allergic stimulation can also cause snoring.
Dust mite free products will help you sleep better in an allergic free environment.

6. Lose weight.

Weight loss is very important if you are snoring. It is often seen that those who gain weight also starts snoring. Overweight and obesity have a close association with sleep apnoea also. So, it is always important to shed the extra pound.

On the other hand, only obese or overweight people snore is not true.
Thin people are also prone to snoring.
Exercise and have a diet plan to lose weight. Exercise will keep you healthy and fresh. It also help’s you in your sleeping.

Losing weight will be a good answer to how to stop snoring. If you have gained some weight in recent past, ask your partner that whether you are snoring or not. If you are then, losing weight is the answer.

7. Nasal Septum deviation.

This is also known as DNS (Deviation in Nasal Symptom). The septum in your nose deviates in this condition. An ENT surgeon is the best person to comment and treat your condition.
The deviation is caused by many reasons. Surgery is one of the treatments. But DNS can also be due to chronic untreated nasal congestion. So, to find out the reason behind, consult an ENT surgeon.

8. Medications.

Sometimes people take sleeping medications. I am one of those who recommends not taking sleeping medications. The reason is they disturb your sleep architecture. Yes, you will sleep after consuming them. But that will not give you proper rest that your body requires.
If someone is suffering from chronic disorders, then the situation is different. Sleeping pills will relax your throat tissues. This will cause snoring.
Do you snore?  Avoid taking Sleeping pills.

9. Antidepressants.

Anti-depressant medications are also known to relaxes throat tissues. This will cause snoring. So, if you snore try not to take them.
If you are suffering from depression. Consult with both doctors, they will help you with your problem.

10. Try throat and tongue exercises.

The muscles of the throat begin to relax and lose muscle tone over time. Strengthening them can help reduce the frequent snoring.
Trying singing more often or playing the didgeridoo or flute. Singing or playing flute a few times a day will strengthen and tone the throat muscles and soft palate. This will reduce the chances of snoring.
Apply these tips and follow the positional therapy. This will answer your question of how to stop snoring.

You can also try out this exercise program. This Easy throat Exercise program has helped many people to get rid of Snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

Now there are some physical products that will help you in your quest.

Physical Products as snoring remedies.

Let us take a look at some physical products which can help you sleep on your side and help to remain in that position.

1. Rematee Anti-snore Bumper belt

Rematee Anti-snore Bumper belt will keep you comfortably sleeping on your side. There are 2-3 inflatable bumpers attached to the back of the belt extending outward. This will prevent you to roll back to back sleeping position. This will maintain your sleeping position and can be the answer to how to stop snoring.

The customizable option is a winner.
You can inflate the bumpers according to your preference. The kit will come with pre-attached shoulder straps and inflatable bumpers.

The best way to use it would be to wear the belt immediately below the armpit. The best part you have a 30-day move back guarantee.

The product is on the expensive side. Generally, the medical insurances do not cover this product. But reimbursement can be possible with Remantee product. So, before buying don’t forget to contact the merchant.

Though the reviews are mixed. But there are some happy verified purchasers. One of the major complaints was that it is uncomfortable.
With the 30day money back option, you can give it a try.

2. Slumber Bump positional Sleep belt.

It is an ultra-lightweight, breathable sleep belt. It trains individuals to sleep on their side so that breathing can return to normal. Instead of 2-3 pockets, it has an inflatable air pocket.

The sleep belt is easily worn around the chest. It keeps snorers from rolling over throughout the night.
A bit less expensive option, with happy customers.

3. Stop-Snoring T-shirts.

Stop-snoring T-shirt

Tennis ball attached to your T-shirt is used to keep you on one side while you sleep. If you are not comfortable in stitching a tennis ball behind your night dress. Then this product will be good. Stop Snoring T-shirts have a ready-made, Tennis ball attached T-shirt.

By keeping you on your side it will help you with the positional therapy. Positional therapy as you know is an answer to how to stop snoring.

4. Anti- Snoring Pillow:

Another option is the anti-snoring pillow. The anti-snoring pillow use countered designs makes it easy to sleep on side.

But it actually does not prevent some rollover unless it is a body pillow. There are different Anti-snoring pillows in the market. They have shown to be effective.

They will definitely be your answer to how to stop snoring.

5. A Chin Strap.

Chin strap will support your chin during sleep. This will keep your mouth closed preventing air from coming in and out. This is mainly for mouth snorers.

This will minimize the rapid flapping, which is one of the causes of the snoring sound.

Do you breathe only through the mouth while sleeping? Then chin strap will make you uncomfortable. If you have nasal congestion, then clear the congestion first.

If you are a mouth breather and your snoring is due to the anatomy of your mouth, then chin strap can be a good answer to how to stop snoring.

6. Oral anti-Snoring Devices.

These devices are often recommended and fitted by a dentist. They will push your jaw slightly forward.

This will open your airway. It will also depress your tongue so that it does not fall back and create an obstruction.

Oral Anti-Snoring Devices will also ensure that your soft palate tissue does not block your airway.
These products will help you to get your answer for how to stop snoring.

Thank your sleeping partner“.

If you snore at night, then it’s about time that you say thanks to your partner. Trust me it’s not easy to sleep when someone snores. But at the same time, you would want to get checked by a doctor to find out the reason.


Snoring is a common and serious problem. If you came to know that you snore, then, first of all, see that have you gained weight recently. It is also important to get checked by a Doctor.

The diagnosis might take some time. So in the meantime, you can also try out some DIY techniques for positional therapy. If that helps, then go for a physical product for better comfort.

I wish you a healthy life and hope you find your relief quickly. Share with us which tip you would like to try out tonight itself. If you have any other experience then do share it with us.

“Thank you” for reading this article. If you like the article Please Share it with your friends, family, and loved ones. We will be hugely grateful and highly encouraged by your generosity.