5 Step process to prepare a beneficial overnight turmeric face mask?

Turmeric face mask

Turmeric Face mask reduces inflammation and has antioxidant properties. So it will help in reducing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and acne. Make different types of Turmeric face masks and feel the freshness. Turmeric is considered a plant that belongs to Asia. It’s generally used in cooking. Also, one should not forget their medical effects. It has many … Read more

Overnight hair mask for hair growth.| DIY Hair Mask.

A woman’s personality is defined by her looks and attire and by her soft and healthy hair. But due to the unhealthy environment, we experience dryness, dandruff, damaged hair, itchy scalp, hair fall, etc. Hence if you need to maintain your beauty, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy beauty … Read more

How to sleep with wet hairs? And not break or damage them.

We all have grown up hearing from our parents (especially moms) that sleeping with wet hairs would lead us to catch a cold or tangles.  We had been refrained from washing our head at night. It is still a common myth. To negate this debatable issue, we have reached out to numerous hairstylists and experts … Read more