Best way to sleep with long hair to prevent damage and breakage.

Long hairs look so beautiful. Isn’t it. But maintaining it is a challenging task. People with long hairs faces problems. One such everyday issue is sleeping. No one wants to wake up with a hot mess of bedhead.

Best way to Sleep with long hair
Best way to Sleep with long hair

Even the best of blow-dried styled hairs of last evening can be wrecked as soon as you hit the bed.

Moreover, while sleeping, women worry about hairs getting stuck behind their back, being choked by their hair, or them coming under your partner’s hand or falling on your face to cause irritation and disturbing in a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, according to studies, most of our split ends and hair breakage occur while dozing off. 

Don’t panic, readers. We have a solution to this problem of yours. Some fantastic tricks and fresh ideas and 

VOILA! You are ready to roll comfortably on your bed for beauty sleep.

Here, we present to you- different ways to adopt that will truly protect your hair while sleeping. These tactics will make all the difference from improving your hair’s quality, minimizing hair damage, weak follicles, and reducing the need to use those heating devices.

Let’s have a look at how to sleep securely with long hair.

Never sleep with damp or wet hair.

Don’t ever think of sleeping with damp strands. Our hairs are very weak and fragile when they are wet. This is because the hairs’ internal structure has a weaker bond of protein present in our follicles.

Hence, when we try to brush or roll on the bed with wet hairs, it leads to stretches and friction, resulting in rough and damaged hair.

So try to pat dry them with a microfiber bath towel. You can blow dry it, though but remember not to for the highest level of heating. Instead of using a brush, use your fingers to detangle them or a wide-tooth wooden comb.

Even if you are Too tired to dry your hair after evening showers but for the sake of your beautiful lengthy hair, remove excess water before going to sleep.

Wear a headgear-Silk Cap/Slap/Bonnet

One of the protective tricks is to wear a silk/satin fabric cap before sleep. The silk/satin fabric doesn’t rub against the pillowcases as in the case with cotton bedding.

On the other hand, it provides overnight protection. Your strands are nicely cushioned inside the hair wrap, allowing natural oils to remain intact in the follicles. 

You can invest in a bonnet. Yes, you heard it right. There exists a long hair bonnet. Generally, these bonnets are made of both fabric silk or satin. Although some females avoid that look but believe me, it is one of the best-known ways to take care of your long hair while sleeping. 

Another easy way to sleep comfortably is a slapIt’s an asleep cap made up of satin. Little more petite than a bonnet, this sleep-cap for long hair works quite well. Just ensure that all your hair fits in. 

Massage your Hair with Oil. 

Dry long hair needs hydration. If left unattended, these dry hairs are unmanageable in the mornings. This issue can be resolved by massaging your scalp with hair oil before bedtime. This everyday regime can help in taming dryness and friction by creating a layer around each follicle. 

Finding a the Best Hairstyle for long hairs.

A very vital strategy is to pick the correct hairstyle to protect your hair while sleeping. Try out the following-

Wake up to with Curls

Sleeping with curlers is a great idea. There are roller devices that can be worn overnight without hurting your hairs. These pieces of equipment are specially designed to get your hair wrapped gently on the top of your head.

Sleep-rollers for long hair are rolled from all sides without any discomfort. These curlers reduce friction and provide you with amazing curls the following day.

Go for a Sleep Bun

This is another way to manage long hair for sleep. On top of your head, make a simple bun. However, avoid making it in a tight bun. It may cause pain and headache.


Again if the bun is not your choice, then an elementary yet powerful tactic to look after long hairs is braiding. Depending on the position you sleep in, select the style of braids. If you are a back-side sleeper, make a single or two-side braid.

If you are one side sleeper, then a single middle braid will do the work. Don’t opt for this style if your hairs are wet.

Tip-Avoid elastic bands. Instead, use scrunchies.

Apply hair mask

It is imperative that for proper growth and maintenance of long hairs, the strands should absorb vital nutrients and vitamins during our rest. Applying a hair mask can provide the appropriate care and attention needed for our delicate hairs.

Hence it is to our benefit to adopting a weekly overnight application of mask hair care regime. You need to apply a mask to your scalp and then make a top bun. Secure it with a scrunchie.

You can place a hand towel over your pillow to avoid any stains while you sleep. Wash the hairs in the morning, and you are free to style them as you want.

Apart from offering nutrients to our hair, good quality hair masks also help in taming dryness, frizz, soften, repair and prevent breakage.

Don’t go to sleep with products on your hair

Accessories like hair extensions, tight hair ties, and hair clips should be removed before you hit the bed. In case you have used hair spray, then wash it before heading to bed. This spray contains alcohol that can cause tangles, dryness, and breakage.

Hair extensions and hair accessories can also cause the above damage. Try to use gentle products such as silk scrunchies, hair caps, and hair curlers.

Sleep on a satin Pillow Case

 Splurge in a good pillowcase made up of fabric like satin. Even a high-quality cotton pillow cover cannot prevent damage done while sleeping and rolling your head overnight. Satin instead has small fibers that prevents friction while you toss around.

Award yourself with a luxurious satin pillowcase to extend protection from chafing your follicles while sleeping.

Final thoughts

We all are aware of the benefits of having long hair. From numerous styling options to keep you warm in winters, playing with lengthy hairs is fun. But It is a fact that managing long hair is challenging. Whether you have to style them or wash them, they will take a long time. Moreover, sleeping with them is an arduous task.

But if you follow the guidelines mentioned above, things become a little easier. Work out which tactics work best for hairs and adopt them religiously. Wash your hair regularly with an herbal shampoo, invest in soft pillowcases, and don’t forget to brush your dry hair before bed. Spending a few minutes for the hair care regime can keep you tangle-free through the night.