Best Overnight Hairstyles to wear to bed. Protect and help your hair grow in style.

Braids, Waves, Buns are the common broad hairstyles you can wear to bed. Hairstyles like Twisted high buns will look voluminous and are best for short hair. There are other hairstyles, which will protect your hair and help it grow.

Not maintaining a proper night-time routine for your hair can have severe implications. Hair loss, poor hair growth, split ends are common problems faced in such scenarios.

Best overnight hair styles
Best overnight hairstyles

All your hair care efforts can go in vain if you don’t maintain a proper bedtime regime.

Hence, it is in females’ interest with different hair lengths to protect your style – and notably your hair’s health – through the night.

One can look after their hair by Wearing protective hairstyles to bed. It is imperative, especially if when you’re having long hairs or trying to grow them long.

Not only do these hairstyles prevent your hair from damage, but also they enhance the process of your overall hair growth.

Further, the best part is adorning these bedtime hairstyles saves time in the morning and makes our hair look smooth, detangled, and frizz-free as soon as we wake up. 

Otherwise, you will find your hair is tangled and matted when you wake up in the morning.

The bonus of wearing bedtime hairstyles is that it doubles the chances of heatless styling of the hair. 

Before we learn about the different hairstyles, do remember to brush your hair out before going to bed by using a detangle brush and then a wooden brush to distribute oils and massage your scalp.

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Also, it will stimulate blood circulation that will help in hair growth. It is always a good and recommended practice for bedtime hair routine.

Now, let’s go ahead and keep scrolling down to see how to put on the best version of your off-duty look.

Go for different types of Braids while going to bed.

One of the best ways to wear your hair when sleeping is braiding. This age-old trick works every time and protects your hair from tangling and breaking.

What you get is a waves-like style the following day. It is an effortless hairstyle.

A loose three-strand braid or plait is an easy way to manage your hair at night, especially If your area back side sleeper.

You can do a side plait or even two plaits to avoid lying on top of the plait while you doze off. Make sure to use a coil hair tie to tie your plait.

Not recommended If you like to wear your hair straight. There are variations of braids styles like the French or Rope braid or boxer braids, and more. 

French braid

Makeup and hair experts recommended a French braid and sleeping on it to wake up to wavy and voluminous hair. Taking the front section of your hair and dividing it into three strands, braid them in a stitch.

Now adding hairs from either side, continue the stitch till you reach the nape of the neck. Secure ends. 

Twisted rope braid 

If you want a soft, textured wave, go for a twisted rope braid before sleep. Divide your hair into two parts. Grab and twist one section of hair.

Then repeat with the other left part. Once done with both the parts, then twist them (sections) together to give it a rope look. You can secure the style with the help of a scrunchie. 

Buns before bed will be great.

 This can Turn Up the Volume of your hair. Furthermore, you can go for a high bun or donut bun, or a loose bun.

Twisted High bun

If your hair is flat–looking and you want volume and luster and opt for a high bun. A twisted top bun keeps your hair on the straighter side while you sleep.

Just Twist all your hair on top of your head and secure it with a claw clip positioned at the front of your bun.

This is to ensure your head isn’t resting on the hook when you sleep. This style will result in a volume boost!

Try and avoid any hair elastics/kinks; instead, use a scrunchy to secure your topknot; wearing your hair up is always preferable to protect your hair.

Twisted High bun is the best protective hairstyle for short hair.

Donut bun

Some professional hairstylists recommended a donut bun. It can be done high or low. Push all your hair behind and make a nice ponytail. Tie it with a band. You can even purchase a donut hair accessory and loop your ponytail through it.

Then cover the bun with the hairs, use another band to secure it.

Low & Loose top knot 

Now, if you are sleeping with damp hair, Smooth your hair back. Just pull your hair flatter and sleeker on the top.

Create a soft low bun at the neck and cover with a silk scarf overnight to keep your hair elegant and in place.

A Low “Bed Head” Bun is a great way to get a sexy-looking bed head. 

Waves Hairstyle before going to bed.

There are different types of locks that you can go for. 

Gentle waves

For this hairstyle, you can use a broadcloth headband. Place two headbands over the crown area. Just twist them and weave them through the bands.

Use hairspray to dampen the hairs and sleep. Unwrap the headband in the morning and add some textured cream. Voila! You are good to go. 

Beach waves 

If you want to create a beach-like wave style for your straight hairs, then read on further. Wash your hair. Or damp the strands with water.

Split them right down in the middle and twist to both sides into pigtails. Pin them at the top. Wake up with a fabulous wavy look.

Another way to have waves is to create four braids – 2 in the front and two at the back. Secure them with bobby pins and hit the bed.

In the morning, let them loose, and there you go- rock the beach-babe wave texture. 

Loose Retro Waves 

Try some vintage pin curls for this glam, red-carpet look when you wake up in the morning. First, Apply a texturizing cream on damp hair and then create a deep side part.

Take a 2-inch section of hair in the front and wrap it a few times with two fingers, then pin it to your head. Do this all across your head till all your hair is pinned.

Take out all pins in the morning and brush your hair. See Retro waves are ready to roll.

Curly Waves

Most commonly used old-school curlers method. You can use heated rollers or curling iron to create curls -all great tools for creating prepped hair.

You can use this cream to make your curley waves.

It may be an uncomfortable way for some, but worth all the pain for that gorgeous look.

One can set the hairstyle at home with small perm rods overnight to recreate this look.


  • Try investing in a silk or satin pillowcase – this can make a massive difference to your hair health. 
  • Never go to bed angry or with wet hair
  • Use a wooden boar bristle brush


The article may have sound unique. Isn’t it?

This is because you have learned so much about these overnight hairstyles that will provide you a glam-looking hair and save you a bundle of time in the morning.

Well, that will leave you more time to sleep or snooze your alarm a little more. Waking up with fab hair is all that gorgeous ladies want. Right!