16 reasons to wash your face before sleep. You must know.

We all are busy with our daily chores. Isn’t it. We don’t have time for ourselves. So in this fast-forward lifestyle, nobody has time to take care of themselves on a daily basis. Washing our faces can seem like a real hardship, especially for women.

Facewash before sleep
Facewash before sleep

Whether they’re housewives making children ready for school, family, or working professionals, most women struggle to take out ample time even before going for sleep, to give their skin the care it deserves. 

But actually, not only women but every person should wash their face both in the morning and at night. But this doesn’t happen with most of us.

Still whether or not one wears makeup or suffers from acne, it’s crucial to wash one’s face before going to sleep. Washing your face,  benefits us in the following ways: 

5 Benefits of washing your face before going to bed.

Removing build-up oil/dirt etc.

A regular face-washing regime helps the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted impurities and gives the skin a fresh look. Pollutants like bacteria, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells close pores on the face.

Without washing, your skin would be covered with a thick layer of dirt, leaving your face weak to breakouts and causing your skin to look dull.

Washing face boost hydration

When you wash your face regularly, along with a good moisturizer, it helps the skin to maintain a decent level of hydration whereas the dehydrated face looks and feels wrinkled aged, and rough. Washing face Prevent wrinkles.

Washing face helps in clearing pores

As you peel makeup from your face, your pores get open and your skin can eventually breathe. Thus it also prevents the formation of pimples. As suggested in this research work.

Freshen your Skin 

Regular cleansing is important to keeping your face looking bright and healthy in the morning once you wake up.

Washing face prevents the production of extra oil

Washing the face before going to bed helps maintain proper pore size and prevents the production of extra oils. This research shows the effectiveness of washing your face and stopping the production of extra oil.

So the answer to the very question is that should we wash our face before going to bed?

 A big Yes!

Here are a few easy, fast, and inexpensive ways to care for your face before you go to sleep

6 Easy and doable ways for face care before going to bed.

6 Face Care Steps

  • Clean face befor sleep.
  • Use luke warm water.
  • Apply Clanser.
  • Dry your Face.
  • Apply night cream.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Make it a habit. even if you’re travelling or coming home late, give your face-cleaning regime a priority. There should be a bedtime routine which should be followed dedicatedly. 
  • Always use luke-warm water to wash your face if possible. This helps to clean the dirt and oil present in the pores. It also lends a feeling of relaxation.
  • Apply a cleanser and gently massage your face. You can also use a cleaning brush. It removes dead skin on your face. Rinse the face with water. Repeat the process one more time for a more thorough clean up.
  • This step is often neglected but is an important one. Dry your face properly.
  • Apply a night cream or antioxidant-rich lotion on your face before bed. Our facial skin stays vibrant and protected against the effects of the ageing process.
  • Always drink a glass of water before you sleep. It is very beneficial as it keeps you hydrated throughout the night.

Let us see what will happen if you forget to wash your face before sleep.

5 Consequences of not washing your face before going to bed.

  1. When you completely resist from face washing,  it may result in acne, particularly after a full-day workshop or following a workout, or for those people who wear helmets and may notice acne on the forehead if sweat is not cleaned off.
  2. Day-to-day life puts you exposed to environmental pollutants, that clog pores, and those components should be removed regularly. And over a day, it leads to dead skin cells and oil build upon one’s skin.
  3. Those pollutants according to dermatologist could be infectious, like viruses or bacteria. It could lead to allergies.
  4. Dermatologists say that leaving residual makeup, or oil behind makes it hard for cleaning products to be effective at one point of time. This happens because the products like sunscreen can’t penetrate as your skin has a coat of something on it.
  5. Moreover, you would develop incredible itchiness due to the impurities on your face after a day’s work. This is where you would be forced to constantly scratch/rub your face which could ultimately lead to breaks of the facial skin which serve as entry points for infection. 

Some frequently asked questions –

What should I use to wash my face?

We recommend cleansers from brands that are good ones for sensitive or regular combination-type skin.

A mild gentle cleanser is sufficient for most people as they have specific biochemical properties to remove all the dirt and oil off your face.

What type of cleanser I should buy to wash my face?

It all depends on your skin type.

For sensitive skin, buy a gentle, non-alcohol-based cleanser and for acne-prone skin choose one with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

In this research, the researcher suggested that how the process of cleaning your skin has evolved from time to time. And how modern cleaners help in treating and preventing different dermatological diseases.

Can I use try pads or makeup remover pads?

You can use those products but these should not break or replace your normal face washing regime.

It may be a quick solution when you pressed for time but can give you the same benefits as cleaning your face with a cleanser and water.


One of the most significant beauty exercises at night is washing our faces. Our face is the most sensitive area of our body and it’s the most prone to acne and wrinkles. Sadly, despite its usefulness, many of us always ignore its utility because we lead such busy lives. 

Again the expensive skin care products you buy gives you best results if pit in use properly. The night creams and moisturiser get effectively absorbed during your sleep. The skin breathes beautifully as it gets uninterrupted by sun wind and makes up.

If we don’t care for our skin suitably while we’re young, we’ll regret it later. If your skin smiles your smile. There is something called Skin Confidence.

So get up immediately and wash your face.