5 Recipes of Chamomile tea for falling asleep faster. Benefits and Side effects.

Chamomile tea will help you sleep
Chamomile tea will help you sleep

Make Chamomile Tea with Lavender or ginger. Drink it 45 minutes before sleep. Apigenin a chemical compound in chamomile will binds to the GABA receptors and induce calmness and will help you fall asleep.

Chamomile tea is a common drink with a range of health benefits as well. Chamomile is a herb of the Asteraceae family of plants’ daisy-like flowers. It is a natural treatment for many health problems eaten for centuries.

The blossoms are dried and then infused into hot water to produce chamomile tea.

Many people have chamomile tea with its earthy, slightly sweet flavor as a caffeine-free alternative to black or green tea.

Benefits of Chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea has multifaceted benefits. It is one of the most common herbal teas. So, lets dive in.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea:

  1. Helps in Inducing Sleep.
  2. It balances mood.
  3. It relieves stress.
  4. Helps in digestive health.
  5. May be protective against some cancers.
  6. May Boost immunity.
  7. Helps in Diabetic Control.
  8. Improve heart health.
  9. Might prevent bone decay
  10. Improves skin health.

In addition, chamomile tea has antioxidants that can reduce the risk of many conditions, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Chamomile has properties that can also contribute to sleep and digestion. Relaxation at bedtime is an integral aspect of sleeping. Many people want to relax before bed in a wet, calming cup of caffeine-free tea.

In particular, intake of chamomile tea will cause you to feel sleepy and make you sleep more quickly. This is the science behind the sleep benefits of chamomile tea.

Michael Breus, a psychologist, and a board-certified sleep expert claims that chamomile formulations such as tea and essentials oil aromatherapy are used for insomnia treatment and sedation.” “They typically act as a gentle sleep tranquilizer. 

Natural Sleep Aid : Foods that will help you Sleep

Chamomile is especially useful to make you sleepy due to its chemical composition. Apigenin is a chemical compound in the plant extract that causes somnolence when it is connected in the brain to GABA receptors. 

Benzodiazepines are widely used for the use of anti-anxiety medication by the GABA receptors since their effect is soothing.

Like the benzodiazepines, when the Apigenin binds to GABA receptors, it has a sedative and calming effect and that is why chamomile tea will make you feel sleepy.

Many studies have shown that sleeping disorders can be beneficial in the normal way of consuming chamomile tea.

For example, 80 women with low sleep quality who were recently bored in a survey, published by the Journal of Advanced nursing in 2015, found that drinkers of chamomile tea had fewer signs of insufficient sleep.

According to experts, if you hope to trigger sleepiness, you should be drinking a cup of chamomile tea about 45 minutes before bed.

You will provide some time for your body to metabolize your tea and the chemical substances that allow these sedative sensations to start.

Although chamomile can make you feel tired and encourage you to nod, research has not found evidence that it can indeed increase night sleep efficiency.

Recipes for Chamomile Tea

It is easy to make a chamomile tea. Now i understand if you are in a hurry. So I am highlighting the main steps in a colored box just below.

5 Step-by step easy process to make a Chamomile tea.

  • Step 1: Harvest the fresh flower.
  • Step 2: Wash it in running water.
  • Step 3: Boil water in tea pot.
  • Step 4: Put the tubes, petals and leave for 5 minutes
  • Step 5: Strain you have your tea

Chamomile and Lavender tea: Add both the herbs, together in the boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.

Now, let us take a much closure look into the recipes.

Basic Fresh Flower Chamomile Tea: 

  1. Raising the entire floral head from the stem, harvest fresh flowers. In a hot water and pat off, rinse the chamomile bulbs. The easiest way of making chamomile tea is with newly picked herbs.
  2. Boil water on the burner in a tea bowl or a big tub. Tea tubers with infusions are the perfect choice for fresh floral teas as they have integrated petal separation systems. Alternatively, a tea ball or cheesecloth as a makeshift tea bag may be used with another infusion unit. Always use clean water for brewing tea to maintain its flavors, and don’t use boiling tap water.
  3. Put the petals of the flower in a tea box and leave the tea steep for 5 minutes in the cup.
  4. Take off the floral petals and mint leaves before pouring them into a cup of tea.

Lavender and Chamomile Tea

  1. To boil water, use a kettle or big tub. Remove for 1 minute from heat and let it cool.
  2. Through a tea ball and infused in the warm water, add the chamomile flowers, the lavender flowers, and the mint and leave for Five minutes of steepness.
  3. Take away the Tea Ball or use a thin mesh sieve to tighten loose flowers and leaves.
  4. Stir in hot tea with lemon juice and sweet and serve straight away

Chamomile and Cinnamon Latte

  1. In a moderate saucepan, heat the water until it boils quickly.
  2. Remove from heat and apply to the flowers of the chamomile and leave for Five minutes of steepness
  3. Include cinnamon and maple syrup
  4. Heat the milk and squash. A dairy sibling on an espresso machine or a hand frying device is the best way to do this. Heat the milk in a separate casserole and whisk vigorously if you don’t have one. Continue to whisk until the milk becomes sparkling and spumy
  5. Merge the cup of water and milk. Fill the cup with the spoonful of a milk foam

Chamomile Ginger Iced Tea

  1. To get water to a fast boil, use a medium saucepan. Remove for 1 minute from heat and cool.
  2. Add cinnamon, blossoms, sweetheart, and lemons. 2. 1 hour steep, or before the saucepan gets back into the room.
  3. Using a fine-mesh strainer, drain tea into a big glass pitcher. Cool it for 3 hours
  4. Serve with ice crystals in tall cups. Add a slice of lemon and new floral chamomile if needed.

Chamomile Hot Toddy

  1. Add the lemon juice, beer, and honey to a cup and mix it good enough
  2. In a small bowl, heat water until it is boiled. Switch off the heat and apply to the flowers of the mixture. Five minutes of steepness
  3. Drain the flowers of the chamomile using a fine mesh strainer and add into the cup of honey and alcohol the heated infusion
  4. Add a touch of cinnamon or lemon stick to moisten and enjoy!

Want to store Harvested Chamomile flower:

After harvesting, you might be left with many flowers. or, May be you might like to do some work upfront, so that you can save some time.

So, let us see how can you preserve and store the chamomile herb.

6 step by step ways to preserve Chamomile flower.

  • Rinse the Flower
  • Take a towel to dry it.
  • Let it aiir dry for 1 hour
  • put the petals and flower in a paper or dry cloth
  • Put the Cloth/paper in a Airtight container
  • Store in refrigerator. (Can preserve till 48 hours

After you have rinsed the herb, take a towel place the flowers inside it. This will help soak any moisture that is still there. Now I will suggest to airdry it again.

After that wrap it in a towel or on a piece of paper. Then place it in an airtight container.

Now place the airtight container inside the refrigerator. You can preserve that batch for 48 hours.

You know you can always buy Chamomile and lavender tea products in the market or online.

Side Effects of Chamomile Tea

  • Anaphylaxis or acute allergic reaction
  • Skin Reactions or dermatitis
  • Eye Annoyance or Irritation
  • Vomiting

Now, if you want more details regarding the side effects of Chamomile tea, you can read in this research study.


As tasty and relaxing as homemade chamomile tea, there’s nothing. With these excellent tips and recipes, you can make the ideal batch every time.

Chamomile tea is simple to prepare, which makes it a decent option whether you are a specialist or a beginner tea consumer. Create a warm version for a cooling glass of iced chamomile tea and relax.