The Calm App Review. Sleep Better, Stress Less: Secret Weapon Revealed!


Calm is a mindfulness app which features meditation practices, calming sounds, ambient music and beautiful sleep stories. You will be highly benefited by stress reduction, anxiety management and self-compassion

In our day to day busy lives finding moments of tranquility can be challenging in the bustling rhythm of modern life.

The Calm app emerges as a beacon for those seeking solace amidst the chaos, offering tools designed to enhance mental wellness through meditation, sleep, and relaxation techniques.

Launched in 2012, it has grown to become one of the leading apps in the mental wellness space, acclaimed for its user-friendly interface and diverse content library.

What is Calm App

Calm App is a digital sanctuary for individuals who are looking to improve their mental health and sleep quality.

It serves as a multi-faceted wellness app, providing users with guided meditations, Sleep Stories, music, and masterclasses on various aspects of mental health.

Designed to cater to beginners and experienced meditators, Calm offers a pathway to mindfulness, better sleep, and reduced anxiety for its diverse user base.

How Calm App Functions

The app’s core lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. Upon downloading, users are greeted with a serene interface and a question about their goals, allowing the app to tailor suggestions. Here’s a breakdown of its primary features:

Guided Meditations:  

There are guided meditation ranging from 3 to 25 minutes, these sessions cover topics like anxiety, stress, focus, and gratitude.

Sleep Stories: 

A standout feature, these are bedtime tales for adults, narrated by voices like Matthew McConaughey, designed to lull listeners to sleep.

Music and Soundscapes: 

Curated playlists and sound environments promote relaxation and focus.


Audio courses on mindfulness, sleep, and relationships, led by experts.

How to Download Calm App

Available on both iOS and Android platforms. “Calm App” can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The app offers a seamless installation process, inviting the users to embark on their wellness journey with minimal setup.


How to Use Calm App

Navigating Calm is intuitive. New users can explore various sections through the bottom menu, selecting activities that align with their mental health and sleep goals.

The app encourages daily use, offering streaks and tracking features to motivate consistent practice.

Personalization is crucial, with the app recommending content based on user interaction and preferences.


  • Wide Range of Content: From meditations to Sleep Stories, Calm provides diverse tools to support mental wellness.
  • High-Quality Production: Each piece of content is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a premium user experience.
  • Ease of Use: The app’s design is beautiful and functional, making mental wellness accessible and engaging.
  • Celebrity Narrations: Including familiar voices adds a unique charm to the Sleep Stories, making bedtime a luxurious experience.


  • Subscription Model: While Calm offers some free content, the most valuable features are locked behind a subscription fee, which may only be feasible for some.
  • Information Overload: New users might feel overwhelmed by the extensive library, making it hard to know where to start.
  • Lack of Personal Interaction: As a digital platform, Calm cannot replace the personalized guidance of a live therapist or coach for those with severe mental health issues.

Who Should Use Calm App

Ideal Users:

  • Individuals are seeking stress relief and anxiety reduction through guided meditation.
  • Those experiencing sleep difficulties who wish to explore non-pharmacological remedies.
  • People are interested in developing mindfulness as part of their daily routine.

Less Suitable For:

  • Users in search of a completely free mental wellness tool. The subscription cost, while providing value, might deter some.
  • Individuals with significant mental health challenges may need more than a digital app for support, requiring professional therapy or counseling.

User Testimonials and Success Stories

Incorporating user testimonials can vividly illustrate the app’s impact.

Stories of improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and enhanced overall well-being highlight the tangible benefits users experience.

Such narratives offer a personal touch, showcasing the app’s role in users’ lives beyond its features.

The Science Behind Calm

Examining the scientific principles that underpin the app’s methodology adds depth to the review.

Research on meditation and mindfulness shows significant mental health and sleep benefits, providing a solid foundation for Calm’s offerings.

Highlighting these studies reinforces the app’s credibility and effectiveness.

Comparison With Other Wellness Apps

A comparative analysis with similar apps, such as Headspace or Insight Timer, could offer readers a broader perspective.

This section will detail how Calm stands out, considering factors like content variety, user experience, and subscription value.

Such a comparison helps readers make informed choices based on their preferences and needs.

How much does the Calm app cost?

Free Version of Calm App :

Calm offers users the choice between a 7-day free trial of the premium version or access to the free version of the app, which does not require payment for premium content. The free version includes:

Daily meditations
Breathing exercises
Mood tracker
Select sleep stories
Music tracks
Some guided meditations

7-Day Free Trial:

The 7-day free trial unlocks additional features, including:

More than 100 guided meditations
Entire sleep story library
Exclusive musical tracks for sleep and relaxation
Expert-led Masterclasses

Paid Version:

After the free trial period, access to the full library is available through subscription:

Subscription PlansPricePrice per Month (If Paid Annually)
Monthly Subscription$14.99
Annual Subscription$69.99$5.83

Discounts and Special Offers:

  • If you are teams of 5 or more, Calm offers a 15% discount.
  • Calm family plans are available for up to 6 users at $99.99 annually.
  • Students can access discounted rates through Amazon Prime Student, including a 3-month free trial and a discounted subscription fee of $8.99 per year.
  • Calm will offer a lifetime membership for $399.99.

Many users appreciate the premium features, with particular praise for the soundscapes and Calm music tracks.


Calm represents a holistic approach to mental wellness, skillfully blending technology with ancient meditation and mindfulness practices.

Its comprehensive content library and intuitive user interface make it a standout choice for those looking to enhance their mental health and sleep quality.

While the subscription cost might be a consideration, the value it offers in terms of content quality and variety is undeniable.

Whether you’re a meditation novice or looking to deepen your practice, Calm offers a serene gateway to a more peaceful mind and restful sleep.