The Best Overnight Nail Masks keep your nails healthy.

overnight nail masks
overnight nail masks

The nail mask fights weakness, staining, yellowing, dry and bristling of the nails and makes your nails healthy. Nail masks also protect our nails from harmful decease like Melanoma and yellow nail syndrome.

We all like scrubs and masks! On the face, the hair even on our body. But have you used masks on nails?

Nails are the only body part left for scrubbing and wearing a mask.

The best thing about the masks is that they make pampered feeling.

Nowadays, Overnight nail masks are popular in demand.

Women try nail masks to make their nails shiny, brighter, and beautiful. There are several types of nail masks available in the market of different brands.

We can also apply homemade nail masks to take care of our nails because the use of a lot of nail polish harms your nails.

So get the full information and look for the best overnight nail mask just read the full article given below.

Benefits Of Nail Mask

Just like a hair and face mask, a nail mask applies to renew ingredients to your hands in an exceedingly focused format, hydrating and strengthening your nails and encompassing skin.

However, they are doing it via a less complicated, cleaner package.

An overnight nail mask is a mask that applies to the nails at night your nails the next morning with warm water.

As face masks take care of our face from dust, sunburn, and moisture as the same way nail masks keep our nails healthy. We take care of our body but we forget our nails which exactly break and crush sometimes.

The weakness, staining, yellowing, dry and brittle nails are the most common problems with nails. The nail mask fights these problems and puts your nails healthy.

How to apply

Here are some most effective homemade overnight nail mask that will make your nails brighter, stronger, and healthy and protect them from any kind of deceases related to nails.

Egg-honey Nail mask : 

We have a bad habit of fidgeting our nails, and this end scraping off the nail polish. This peels up the upper layer of our nails in an unbalanced manner. This leads to peeling off the nails and break them. Try these simple remedies to get longer, stronger and brighter nails.


  • 1 Egg yolk 
  • 1 Teaspoon honey
  • 1 Tablespoon water
  • 1 drop of essential oil to neutralize the egg smell.


Mix all the ingredient properly in a clean bowl and apply over your nails.

This supplement gives the strength of your nails and the need for protein. Wash your nails the next morning with warm water. It provides all the nourishment to your nails.

Lemon-baking soda nail Mask-


Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon baking soda together. You see a fizz, just like an experiment in a college lab.

Now apply the mixture over your nails and wash your nails the next morning with warm water. 

This mask protects your nails from being yellowish or another colour due to the over-application of dark nail polishes.

This nail mask can be used to remove those stains. Lemon plays an important role in removing the stains and baking soda plays an exfoliating effect.

Olive oil-honey Nail Mask-


Mix 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon honey properly in a clean bowl.

Apply this mixture over nails and cuticles. Take a deep sleep before washing off this nail mask from your nails. This is an excellent cream that is used to repair your nail.

Olive oil and honey provide nourishment to your nails and improve their appearance. Olive oil is very healthy for your health and maintains your cholesterol level.

Baby oil and Coconut Oil overnight treatment-


  • Half cup baby oil,
  • Half cup coconut oil


Mix baby oil and coconut oil in a single bowl and put your hands in it for 5 minutes. Now remove your hand from the bowl and don’t wash them.

Take a massage and rough your hands but not completely. Make your that your nails have some oils over them. Wear gloves over your finger. Keep this mask overnight.

Now store the mixture of this oil in a bottle and use this mixture when require.

Baby oil is skin moisturize and used by people as a beauty hack.  Baby oil is lightweight and perfect for cuticles. It prevents from peeling and softens your skin.

Coconut oil keeps the nails healthy, decease-free, super shiny and stronger. It keeps your cuticles soft and nourished. 

Shea Butter Overnight Treatment-

Shea butter works to fixed out the nail problem. This mask moisturizes nails making them healthy and protecting to be dry and peeling. Melt half tablespoon Shea Butter and add half tablespoon jojoba oil. 

Now mix both the oils for just a minute until they combine. Keep this mixture in the fridge for 15 minutes and give a quick whip.

Apply this mixture of oils over your palm and nails and wear gloves. Keep it overnight and wash in the next morning. You get well-moisturized nails and fingers.

Overnight Detox Nail Mask-


  • Aqua water,
  • Glycerin,
  • Glycol,
  • TRISODIUM phosphate,


Wash your hand with water then massage into clean and dry beds for maximum stimulation. Infuse overnight and clean in the next morning.

For intensive treatment, use this process at regular babes for a maximum of 3  weeks to maintain nail health.


There are several nail masks available in the market but they cause infect your nails. But homemade is the better option to keep our nails healthy, shiny and stronger.

Nail mask protect our nails from harmful decease like Melanoma and yellow nail syndrome.

So it is our responsibility to keep nails healthy like our body. We have to take care of it like our face and body.

Healthy nails are considered smooth with no discoloration. If you get any bad symptoms related to nails then please apply these overnight nail mask over your nails.