Tart Cherry Juice helps in Sleep: Benefits, Recipes and Side Effects.

Tart cherry juice benefits in sleeping

The Tart cherry juice is rich in Melatonin it also contains tryptophan. These compounds are sleep inducers. These are the reason why tart cherry Juice will help in falling asleep faster and also combat insomnia.

Made from the fruits of the Prunus cerasus tree, the tart cherry juice has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

The popularity can be credited to the immense health benefits of this juice.

The tart cherry juice is extracted from Montmorency cherries.

These are also known as tart cherries or dwarf cherries or sour cherries.

While most sweet cherries are enjoyed fresh, the Montmorency cherries or commonly Known as tart cherries are taken In dried or frozen forms.

Health Benefits of Tart Cherry juice.

The most popular way of intake these cherries is in juices form. These red cherries are rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

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They also contain high amounts of anthocyanin, a pigment that gives fruits and vegetables their dark color. This pigment anthocyanin is claimed to have interesting health benefits. 

In the past few years, researchers have argued over the potential health benefits of this juice. From boosting the immune system of the body to acting as an anti-inflammatory.

And from being an excellent antioxidant to stop the aging of body cells to helping in recovery post-injury.

From being filled with the goodness of vitamin A and vitamin to C to helping in the prevention of cancer growth! many claims have been made with respect to the health benefits of this black cherry juice.

But the most discussed and studied health benefit of tart cherry juice is its role in enhancing sleep quality and other factors related to sleep.

So let’s discuss that aspect in a little more detail. 

Beneficial Effects of Tart Cherry juice in Sleep.

The role of tart cherry juice in enhancing sleep quality is undoubtedly the most studies and undisputed health benefit of this juice.

Tart cherry Juice helps in sleeping

Several studies have proved that the Montmorency cherry juice can enhance the sleep quality as well the sleep quantity, that is, the amount of sleep you get every night.

Tart Cherry Juice is rich in melatonin that’s how it helps in sleeping. Melatonin is a natural hormone responsible for your sleepiness. Furthermore, the tart cherries also have good amounts of two natural compounds, tryptophan and anthocyanin.

These compounds are responsible for assisting and promoting melatonin production in the body. They also ensure lengthened effects of melatonin.

So it is no wonder anymore, how tart cherry juice helps in melatonin production and regulation, thereby enhancing sleep quality and increasing sleep duration. 

Tart cherry Juice helps in combating Insomnia.

In another study, tart cherry juice was found to be an extremely safe, easy, and effective method to treat insomnia.

In the study conducted on a population suffering from severe insomnia, one group was given 16 ounces of tart cherry juice every day.

The other group took the same amount of placebo juice in order to study the differences.

At the end of two weeks, the sleep duration of the first group was found to be 85 minutes more! Thus proving the magical effects of tart cherry juice.

The participants in the first group also showed a drop in kynurenine levels in their blood. Kynurenine level is linked to sleep deprivation in patients suffering from depression and insomnia.

Studies have proved that tart cherries are equally effective in treating insomnia as much as any medications like valerian or melatonin which are commonly used in insomnia treatment.

So if you are one of those people having trouble getting a good night’s sleep then maybe you should consider drinking two glasses of tart cherry juice every day without fail instead of choosing sleep medications.

And who likes medications anyway, right? 

But where to get this goodness-filled juice?

There are many brands selling it under different names but then again, which one to trust?

There is a huge variety of it available in the market, most typically, with added sweeteners and preservatives.

They come in both “concentrate” and “non-concentrate” forms of Tart Cheery Juice.

So you definitely have plenty of choices.

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But on the downside, if you are intending to take this juice on a daily basis, it might not be so light on your pocket.

But what’s the worry when we’ve got you amazing and simple recipes to prepare this goodness at the comfort of your home. 

Tart cherry juice recipes: 

Recipe for Tart Terry Juice

Step 1.

Take a cup of cherries (about 15-25 tart cherry for one serving) and rinse them thoroughly. 

Step 2.

Blanch the cherries in hot water for about five minutes and then soak them in cold water. 

Step 3.

You can remove the skin as it is responsible for tartness. However, if you want your juice a little tart you can leave the skin as it is. 

Step 4.

Blend the cherries in a blender and pass the puree through a cloth. You can also use a juicer instead. 

Step 5.

Add sugar and ice cubes according to taste. 

Also, if you want to enhance the taste and health benefits of this juice furthermore, you can add plums and watermelons along with cherries.

Using this simple recipe you can easily make the tart cherry juice yourself. Pour in a glass and enjoy! 

So with these many health benefits, isn’t the tart cherry good enough to be crowned the super fruit?

No. Not quite. Just like all other good things, the tart cherry has some flaws too; more commonly, side effects.

The benefits and side effects of tart cherry juice are still under research and study but there are some side effects that are quite proven. 

Side Effects of the Tart Cherry juice:

Although, tart cherry juice is safe for consumption of the majority of the population the fact can’t be neglected that this juice contains high amounts of sorbitol.

Sorbitol is a specific type of sugar alcohol that is studied to have caused stomach aches and diarrhea in some people.

Due to the presence of quercetin, a plant compound, the tart cherry might interact with certain medications like the ones given for blood sugar, cholesterol, and particularly, with blood thinners. 

Also, if you opt for the packaged tart cherry juice, it contains high levels of added sugars which might be harmful to patients with diabetes.

So before adding the tart cherry juice to your daily diet, you might want to speak to your healthcare professional in order to avoid any side effects. 


To conclude, the qualities of the tart cherry juice are immense.

Rich in nutrients and vitamins, the alleged health benefits of the tart cherry juice include anything and everything from reducing gout pain to increasing short-term memory.

While some properties like antioxidants and sleep enhancers are well studied and proved, many other properties are still under research and a matter of controversy.

But amongst all, one thing is definite and that is the evergreen freshness and absolute delicacy of this wonderful juice.