Smartly Easy Sleeping tips for you beautiful people with Curly hairs.

Taking care of naturally curly hair is a difficult task. While you get others eyeballs rolling with your bouncy, beautiful curly hairs and receive compliments for your great locks, but it can be a real struggle managing it!

One can understand how dry and frizzy, curly hairs can get.

Sleeping tips for curley hair
Sleeping tips for Curley hair

Genetically, some people are born with textured curly hairs while some styles their hair in that look. Anyways the fact remains that people with curly hair need to take a little additional care with how they sleep to maintain their lovely locks.

Hence the big question is, what are the best sleeping tips to maintain a fuller and healthier curly hair? Practically speaking there’s no one single way which can be suggested to sleep with curly hairs. One has to follow a specific routine and practices. We have done a lot of research and analysis to find sleeping tips that will work best to avoid any frizz, dents and flattened curls once you wake up in the morning. 

Certain factors are taken into account while framing these tips like Length of hair, loose or tight curls and whether your strands are wet or dry before you hit the bed.

Ways to preserve your curls while you sleep

Apart from adjusting your sleeping positions like sleeping on your side or your stomach, there are the following manners you can adopt to preserve your curls as you doze off.

Use a pillowcase made of silk/satin or use a headscarf

Your hair strands are prone to breakage, and the volume of that breakage depends upon the shape and thickness of your hair shaft. The more you twist and turn during sleep, the more stress will be on the hair follicle, and more will be the breakage.

To avoid breakage and frizz of your curly hairs, pay attention to the surface on which your curls rest. Avoid cotton pillowcases as they absorb hair’s natural oil and rub against your hair strands. Fabric-like silk, satin reduces friction on hair, and the curls will glide freely on pillowcases. Many females wear a satin bonnet and then also sleep over on satin pillowcases to double up the protection. 

Invest in bedtime haircare products

Like we have nighttime skincare products, we also have the right Bedtime hair care products that provide extra nourishment and treatments. Night-time is an excellent time to use any rich and natural oils as your hair will absorb and replenishes itself all night long.

Choose products having natural polymer from coconut, flaxseed extract and sustainable palm oil. It’s a conditioning agent that’s known for curl defining and its anti-frizz properties. The products especially Flaxseed extract hydrate, smooth and boost shine and is considered heavenly for curly hair.

Correct Hairstyling before you hit the bed

Some may find it strange and funny when I say that curly-haired people must adorn a proper hairstyle before going for sleep. These hairstyles can save time and lend fuller curls that are structured and ready to go in the morning. Again, those who don’t have curly hairs can use this hairstyle as simple hacks to create temporary bouncy curly hairs.

There are different types of curls, and so are the hairstyles. But there are indeed a few tried bedtime hairstyles for curly hair, and we’re going to learn about them taking into account whether you go to bed with your hair wet or dry. 

Let’s discuss hairstyles which work best when you sleep with curls.

The Pineapple Style 

it is the most typical hairdo for curly hairs. Just gather your hairs on the top of the head and tie them to the crown of your head, by using cotton or satin scrunchies. Not tie it too tight.

  • Make mini braids or twists.

The more protected your curls are, the fewer hair strands will be rubbing up against your bedding. Use bobby pins and elastics to make twists. Or make loose braids to solidify the structure of your curls will you sleep. Try with loose braid, a French braid, or multiple braids. You can add more crimp by going with tighter braids. 

  • Use Hair rollers 

The good old style of using the roller technique cannot get out of fashion any day. It’s just that there are new softer sleep-in, flex -rods curlers in the block replacing the plastic or metal curlers. The new ones are more comfortable. 

  • Loose bun

If you want to cut down frizz, apply a conditioner or gel to your curls. Then flip it over and make a loose bun. Do not stretch your curls much avoiding a dent. You can use scrunchies to keep the bun in place.

  • Plopping

This is a popular curl drying strategy. This method requires you to apply a gel to hair and then lay a towel on a table or alike and flip your hair over. This will allow it to pile on top of itself into the microfibre towel. Then tie the sides to keep them on your head. This process will help speed up drying time, and hence the curls will set nicely. 


How does one take care of naturally curly hair?

One can follow certain steps to keep your curls healthy-

  • Wash your hairs with a mild shampoo free of toxic chemicals
  • Use cold water for shampooing.
  • Please don’t use excessive shampoo as it will dry up the natural moisture.
  • Use a conditioner with a moisturising agent
  • Go for pre-shampoo treatment like applying hair mask or gel.
  • Never brush your curls. Use a wide-toothed comb
  • Limit your hair heat styling gadgets

What are natural hair mask/ingredients which can be applied to curly hairs?

  • You can use a hair mask by mixing eggs, vinegar, olive oil and mayo. Apply all over and rinse after half an hour.
  • You can also apply a mixture of fenugreek seeds milk& apple cider vinegar. 
  • A hair mask can be made with mashed avocados honey and olive oil. Mix well and rinse after 30 minutes of application.


The bottom line is people with curly hair had to think about taking due care of the curls strategically. You can’t just throw yourself in the bed and doze off. It is very much possible to keep your curls shiny, healthy and intact all the while you sleep.

One has to follow religiously a nightly routine that encompasses better sleeping positions changing to a satin/silk pillowcase and a proper hairstyle. This procedure can have a significant impact on your hair’s appearance and health.

Taking adequate care of curly hairs is an art and needs due care, love, and attention at bedtime. A little bit of extra care before hitting the bed is all you need to keep your curls shiny and bouncy.

Remember the right care, the right product, and right hairstyle can easily make you win the curly hair care game.