Do you want to grow hair and prevent hair from breaking while sleeping?

Most of you will not believe if I say that there’s a connection between sleep and hair growth.

Still, you may not dissociate with the fact that a good night’s rest will have a positive effect on both your physiological and psychological health-from strengthening the immune system to reducing blood pressure to weight loss. It can even help your hair to grow.

Expert researchers had said that sleep deprivation could affect your physical health, one of them being hair loss. There is a direct correlation between sleep and hair growth.

If you’re not sleeping nicely, you may recall that your hair doesn’t seem glossy or bouncy. There have been investigations that analyze whether lack of sleep affects hair growth.

We’re here to provide you a complete guide on sleep and hair.

Let’s first understand how sleep contributes and is vital for hair growth? 

Well, for hair growth, one needs epithelial hair follicle stem cells. A good night’s sleep ensures that the production of these cells and the following process work seamlessly.

Contrarily, sleep deprivation halts these stem cells from doing their work, resulting in hair growth impairment. 

Sleeping tips influencing hair growth

1. Brush your hair before going to bed.

After a day of exposing your hair to external toxins and the climate, the First and foremost thing is to brush your strands thoroughly.

This tip will protect your hair at night as it detangles your hair and helps disperse your hair’s oils from the roots to the ends.

You can use a detangling brush, comb, wooden boar bristle brushes every night to smooth out your locks and helps cleanse your scalp at the same time.

Make sure don’t attempt over boarding with brushing, and never brush your hair while wet.

Gently untangle damp hair with a comb to reduce the risk of hair loss.

2. Must Avoid Sleeping in Wet Hair.

Going to sleep with wet or damp hair can cause breakage and lead to hair loss. Our hair becomes fragile, especially after a hot shower as warm water opens up our hair follicles.

If by any chance you need to wash it at night, do it few hours before you sleep.

Also, use a soft fabric like a t-shirt to dry the strands rather than a regular towel. You can even opt for blow-drying, but the best would be to go for a natural dry.

Don’t forget to apply hair serum on your locks before heading to sleep.

3. Massaging your Scalp before sleeping will help in Hair growth.

Massaging will help stimulate blood flow to your scalp leading to healthy hair growth. Remember, you feel so relaxed when the hairstylist moisturizes your scalp and massages your head.

You can undergo the same feeling once you give a quick massage to your scalp before bedtime.

4. Add extra hydration for better hair growth.

for this, you can oil your hair twice a week. Keep your hair moisturized by using hair oil. This tip is for those who have a dry scalp.

By oiling, you can protect them from breakage and split ends. But sleep on an old pillow cover to stain your linen.

5. Use of Dry Shampoo will help in hair growth.

 It is essential for a quick refresh, especially for oily scalp during the day and nighttime routine.

This shampoo will absorb excess oil from hairs and leave your scalp refreshed. A word of caution is that dry shampoo should be used in moderation.

6. Use soft pillowcases to prevent hair damage.

As you all know, sleeping on harsh fabric can cause severe damage to your hair. It can also affect further hair growth so add softer elements to your nightly hair protection routine.

Sleep on soft pillowcases like satin or silk will prevent hair damage.

7. Apply hair nourishment treatments for hair growth.

It’s an effective method of beautifying your hair strands while you sleep. Hair treatments provide about ten hours of nourishment to your locks. Hence one has the option for either leave-in treatments or overnight masks and treatments. 

8. Sleep with Proper Hair style to protect your Hair.

The best, protective and tested hairstyle one can opt for is a braid. Just remember not to make the braids tight. Another option is that you can opt for a bun, a popular style.

The main concern should be to keep the hair up while sleeping. 

9. Proper diet is a must for good hair growth.

The necessary amount of intake of protein plays a critical role in hair growth. This can be done by eating foods like dairy, nuts, fish, pulses, eggs, meat, and soya. Vegetarians can go with avocadoes, almonds, flaxseeds, olive oil and walnuts, and Vitamin C. 

Best Bed Time Hair Styles

Depending upon your hair length, you should go for these types of hairdos’ before sleep.

For Women with Short Hair:

for naturally short hairs, it’s better to divide your hairs into three to four sections and make knots. Keep the lock secure with the use of bobby pins.

You can also use a stretchy headband to keep your hair tamed.

For women with Mid-Length Hair

Undoubtedly, go for a French braid. Divide your hairs into two sections to create pigtails. Pin them by twisting and get a beachy look in the morning.

One more option is making a bun. Wrap your hair at the base of the neck with the help of a scrunchie. 

For women with Long Hair

An effortless and messy top knot helps keep your hair off your face and neck. Again a French braid will work well for lengthy hairs too.

A French braid keeps hairs tidy while you doze off. You can opt for two buns inside of one by dividing it into two sections and pin it.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What happens if you sleep too much?

One may argue that if sleep deprivation halts hair growth, if we oversleep, then it will promote hair growth.

The scientific answer would be no.

Our body produces a hormone called melatonin, which regulates our sleep cycle, and if our sleep cycle deviates from the normal, it will lead to a decrease in melatonin, resulting in hair loss.

What hairstyles can you adorn at night to protect your hair from sleep-induced damage?

Wearing your hair in protective hairstyles to bed is important to avoid breakage and split ends – especially if you’re trying to grow your hair long or have long hair. 

  • A loose plait. 
  • Twisted top bun. 
  • Twisted rope braid.

Is there is any good sleep position for hair growth?

Not exactly. No evidence research shows that a sleeping position either promotes or prevents hair loss.

Be assured in the position you sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re a side-sleeper, backside sleeper, or stomach sleeper.

How can I get long, thicker hair by using natural ingredients?

Take one teaspoon of powdered fenugreek seeds, two tablespoons of aloe vera, and mix them well to make a hair.

Apply it overnight and wash. This mask helps in faster hair growth and nourishes hair follicles.

What should I do if I am suffering from hair loss?

Visit a dermatologist to find out the exact reason.

The five most common hair loss factors are stress, hormones, gut health, metabolism, or toxins.

The expert can do several tests before getting to the real reason for your condition. What you can do in the meantime is to follow some home remedies to prevent hair loss.

  • Avoid consumption of caffeine before bedtime.
  • Keep yourself away from any electronic device in your bedroom, whether it’s a TV or laptop, or even phone. Move them out of the bedroom. 
  • Block any outdoor light. Replace your curtains with blackout drapes.
  • Follow a fixed night-time bed routine.
  • Adopt the routine of meditation once a day; 
  • Listen to soothing music to relax and have a good night’s sleep. 


There are many ways to grow your hair naturally and fast; it is highly recommended to use natural and Ayurvedic remedies to get shiny and voluminous hair.

It’s recommended to avoid chemical products that can have harmful effects on your scalp.

One of the most straightforward and easy ways for hair growth can be having a good night’s sleep.

Just make sure that you avoid any tight hairstyle before you go to bed as it leads to hair breakage and slows down hair growth.

It’s always better to use soft fabric as silk and satin pillow covers instead of cotton to avoid friction while sleeping.

If we change our sleeping patterns and follow an orderly routine as suggested above, we will get long and shiny hair.

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