15 Sleeping Tips for sleeping on plane | long-distance flights.

Are you going to board a flight for a long-distance journey? Do you feel discomfort while sleeping on a plane? If yes, then you have headed on to the right place. 

Sleeping in a plane long distance flight

In this article, you will be availed of tips for getting proper and sound sleep on your next long-haul flight.

Often, asleep in-flight comes with troubles such as noises from video games, people gossiping, screaming kids, sunlight coming in through neighbor’s window seat, etc. 

These types of distractions and hassles, while you are in air flight, lead to discomforted sleep on planes.

But, do not worry, because just making a few small changes in your flying habits such as grabbing proper seats, using clutched gear, etc will help you sleep better on your next flight. 

Here are some of the top travel-tested sleeping Tips you need to follow to have a sound sleep on long-distance flights.

Sleeping Tips for long-distance flights:

Choose flight’s seat carefully

Seat location is one of the most main features to sleep well on the plane.

You must try to look for a window seat as far as possible. The window will provide you with a solid lean against the feature. Furthermore, the window seat lets you out of the way of other passengers in your row, who would have otherwise asked an excuse of you each time they need to head on to the bathroom.

Check the bulkhead in the flight properly. Usually, a bulkhead seat is the one that has no one to lie back in front of you as there is no seat in front of you. Thus, choose only those bulk seats which have armrests that can be raised easily. As such arm seats will make it easier to enter and exit your seat during flight too.

Also, it will provide you with the benefits of extra space and legroom. You can easily stretch your legs and sleep comfortably.

Try to avoid the last row of the plane as far as possible. Because such seats are often located right near the lavatories. And you are well aware that a lavatory is famous for both noise and odor. 

Sitting near to the rear of the plane might boost a noisy environment due to the planes’ engines but anyway, these seats have a couple of seats or an entire row for you to back there. And the extra space in the front part could make up for the extra noise.

Cut down on your extra luggage

Carrying extra and full-size carry-ons might call for the need to be adjusted under your feet. This will automatically reduce your legroom and making it tough to sleep comfortably.

Thus it’s advisable to pack lighter luggage so that you can fit everything into a single bag itself. Instead of carrying two carry-ons, try to adjust a few small necessary items at the top of the bag such as a book or magazine, a bottle of water, etc.

Before stowing your bag in the overhead compartment, try to pull out the important items that you might need during the flight and store them in the back of the seat in front of you. To store the items you stow in the seatback pocket to a minimum count will ensure increased knee room.

Furthermore, this will keep the flight attendant away from re-entering your seat to just unstuff it. And, hence you will have a great sleep.

Say no to the caffeine

Caffeine should not be consumed during a flight, especially on a daytime flight. Because the already installed view out the window is a source of distraction for proper sleep. And in such a situation, if you have caffeine, you will find it much harder to sleep. 

Try to control the temptation of having a cup of hot coffee or an energetic soda before boarding a flight. Instead, choose water or juice from the drink cart.

Fetch blankets and pillows on your own

You might have issues on a flight because often there is a shortage of enough blankets and pillows to go around. So, it is advisable to board the flight early and stake your claim on blankets or pillows for proper sleep. Have a glance at the allotted seat and check for the blanket set. If there is a missing, immediately ask the flight attendant for the same.

Anyways, it is better if you do not wait to ask for a pillow or blanket since they bypass soon. It will be better if you bring your own set. 

There might be a possibility that the offered blanket is not thoroughly clean (Many airlines reuse the blankets without washing them between flights). So, it’s recommended to pack a travel blanket along with your luggage.

This will ensure a warm feeling and you will be able to rest comfortably

Carry a Neck Pillow

The neck pillow is super comfortable while sleeping as it is bigger at the back which offers a comfy tilt to the head forward.

Furthermore, a neck pillow offers the needed support in various preferred sleeping positions i.e. stomach, side, or back sleeping position.

Dress up comfortably

It is not possible to predict the weather in the flight journey. Hence, try to wear layers. Say No to tight outfits. As such dress might restrict proper blood circulation.

You can also fetch pajamas to use as a night outfit if you’re on a long-haul flight. 

After all, what’s more, comfortable than loose pajamas! 

Stay away from the device’s light

Lights coming from movie screens, laptops, mobile, reading lights, cabin lights, etc. can add to the disturbing elements on a flight, especially during Sleep time. So, you must carry an eye mask with you on the flight.

Many airlines tend to provide eye masks, yet, it is best to keep one in your traveling kit for the safe option.

Carry noise-canceling headphones

You can use headphones to drown out the noise of the passengers surrounding you or the crying of children on the flight. 

A pair of high-quality, noise-canceling headphones is the best to help you have a sound sleep. 

Just invest some bucks on the headphones and avail yourself with sound flight sleep.

Watch your food intake

Always try to consume easy-digestible and light food on a flight. Spicy food or heavy carbohydrates loaded food might lead to indigestion. So, fee your body with only those pieces of stuff which can allow you to have a proper sleep.

Pack your own snacks

Carry your own choice of healthy snacks to feed on whenever you are hungry. Because 

You might be woken up in the middle of the night by hunger pangs.

And, if you are in a completely new time zone you will have to wait for the next meal service hours away. 

So, do not forget to carry healthy snacks, such as energy bars, nuts, fruits, juice, etc.

Make sure your belt buckle is visible

You would barely hate a flight attendant to disturb you while you’re sleeping. So, do not give them a reason. 

Fasten your seat buckle properly and place it over the blanket to avoid any flight attendant reminding you or check you of the same. 

Do not allow anyone to disturb you while you’re at sleep.

Download a Sleep App

The most popular sleep app known as Calm which is subscription-based offers a free trial for 30 days.

The app will have preloaded guided meditation in bulk, various music tracks, and sleep stories. These things might help you sleep fast and sound on a flight.

Well, if you don’t want to invest, install free apps like White Noise. This app has a variety of jungle tracks and the sound of the waves that are just ideal to put you in a meditation sleep schedule.

You might think of packing a sleep aid.

Suppose all the above-mentioned tips fail! What will you do? Well, in such a case there are plenty of options like melatonin and ZzzQuil that can be a great assistant manager of your sleep patterns. 

I would suggest you have a trial run on the ground before consuming these sleep aids on the flight. The trail wound might help you know how they affect your body and sleep patterns.

Eliminate the worry about sleeping on a plane

The worst thing you can do to your sleep carries a heavy burden of worry about sleeping on a plane.

Thus, above all, don’t panic or take tension about your sleeplessness nature, your anxiety for at least in the upcoming flight journey.


Now, I’m pretty sure that you are pretty sure of having proper sleep while you are on a flight. 

Just follow the above-mentioned tips to have a sound sleep on a long-distance flight journey.

To add on, you can take an extra dose of sleep upon your destination arrival. Stay hydrated and get your body adjusted to your new time zone. You will surely have a guaranteed sound sleep!

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